Friday, May 14, 2010

Neighborhood Day - How Many Street Festivals Does It Take To Pave My Street?

Hi Yupette,

How many street festivals does it take to get my street repaved and 21st Century street lighting installed? I just read where I'll have to vote for a bond issue for those things to happen. But their entertainment and recreation events - Neighborhood Day, Taste of Arlington, etc. - get funded from pay-as-you-go accounts.

And, what is "Neighborhood Day" all about, anyway? It's another PR event to promote Zimmerman and the "Community Leaders" he appoints to micro-manage our lives.



Linda said...

Yes, we'll have to approve Zimmerman's omnibus $58 million bond package for his pet projects to get any money for street repaving.

Cindy said...

How about the $100 million estimate for a new Wakefield H.S.? Where will the $$$ come from when the real costs turns out to be $130 million?

South Stafford St. said...

"Fairlington Day" was celebrated on May 15th in a public park in South Fairlington, the County Board attended, and persons who live in neighborhoods around Fairlington were told the event was for "Fairlington residents only."

I suggest you run a thread about the increasingly exclusive nature of Arlington's government.

Norm said...

How much did Neighborhood Day cost taxpayers? $300,000? $400,000? $500,000?

TG said...

I am tired of seeing millions of dollars pissed away every year on entertainment while we have a street lighting system that's worse than in many cities of 3rd World countries.

Anonymous said...

We are paying from pay-as-you-go for huge yearly street festivals. Putting yearly street maintenance on long term bonds. That's crazy. Make the people who want entertainment pay for their entertainment. Neighborhood Day is a big PR event for Zimmerman, Fisette, Favola, etc.

Anonymous said...

WHY does Chris Zimmerman keep diverting tax dollars from essential infrastructure to entertainment and recreation? Because that's what get's him re-elected by the Sheeple of Arlington!

Joan said...

How many Arlington street festivals does it take to pave your street? Answer is minus 10 (-10).

Anonymous said...

There are TWO major bicycle events at the end of the week. The streets are in terrible condition (though finally portions of George Mason Drive are being repaved). Why is the County sponsoring these events?

Anonymous said...

"neighborhood day?" Arlington Yupette: Am not sure what you are
about, however it may or may not
interest you to know that I am being viciously bullied and
harassed by my "neighbors." Constant noise, wakes me up, rude
and arrogant-and these are NOT
'yuppies.' Maybe some are-in name only. Any comments? Vivor

Anonymous said...

yupette: "neighbors?" am being viciously bullied by my so-called
neighbors-loud noise - late at night & day. Been going on for months-what are these people's
problem? They seem to have NOTHING else to do. Any comments yupette

22204 said...

That happens all over Arlington. I think it's mostly dog owners groups. They think someone is a "dog hater" because the person is awakened at midnight or 6 AM by people exercising their dogs and tells the dog owners to shut up. Could also be the neighborhood, like Clarendon, way too much in-fill for the neighborhood.

Arlington is like a big suburban high school - yuppies are the football players and cheerleaders.

Code of Virginia says Virginians have the RIGHT to privacy in their homes and it's illegal for you to be harassed in your home.

Anonymous said...

Appears you are not conforming to the Favola-Fisette-Zimmerman Total Yuppification of Arlington Program.

Have you been seen reading a book that's not a mystery or romance novel? Attending a non-Stephen Sondheim live theater performance? Not friendly with neighborhood dogs? Don't drive a BMW? Household income not over $200,000? The County Board's Yuppie Correctness Police are watching and enforcing Yuppie Correctness all over Arlington.