Tuesday, February 3, 2015

HB 2308 Independent Internal Auditor Legislation to House of Delegates Subcommittee February 4th


Several Arlington residents contacted their Delegates in the General Assembly and asked for information about the status of the legislation that would allow the County Board to appoint an Independent Internal Auditor.

The legislation has been assigned to a subcommittee of the Committee on Counties, Cities and Towns and will be taken up by the subcommittee at 7:30 AM on Wednesday, February 4th.

Here's the text of the Independent Internal Auditor legislation, introduced by Delegate Hope.

HB 2308 County manager plan of government; governing body (Arlington County) may appoint county auditor


County manager plan of government; county auditor. Allows the governing body in a county with the county manager plan of government (Arlington County) to appoint a county auditor. The county auditor shall have the power to make performance reviews of operations of county agencies or county-funded programs to to ascertain that sums appropriated are expended for the purposes for which such appropriations were made and to evaluate the effectiveness of these agencies and programs.

Please call your Delegate and Senator and ask them to support this legislation, including mandating that an independent internal auditor report directly to the Arlington County Board.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Clement, Dorsey to Run for County Board

Hi Yupette,

I ran into Christian Dorsey yesterday and he's obtaining petition signatures for a run for Arlington County Board. Heard through a friend in the Green Party that Audrey Clement will run for County Board again.

Chris Dorsey is not the local activist he once was. He works at the Economic Policy Institute, where he analyzes and re-analyzes the disparity between race and ethnic origin and wealth. He also serves on the board of the Arlington Free Clinic and on one of the committees that's planning the Abingdon School renovation, although he lives in North Arlington.

Audrey Clement is running for County Board again. How much coverage her campaign receives from media that are profoundly biased against third party candidates and independents remains to be seen, probably not much.

Anyway, thanks for your blog.