Friday, April 12, 2013

Show Us What State-of-the Art BRT Looks Like - Put the Vegas BRT on the Pike

Hey Yupette,

Thanks to Peter Rousselot for winning the argument for putting bus rapid transit on the Pike at Wednesday's Committee of 100 meeting. Since the local media largely function as shills for the status quo, developers, local chambers of commerce, and various special interests it's time for Arlington residents, taxpayers, and voters to see what competing bus and streetcar systems look like - and we're obviously not going to be informed by the local media.

So how about bringing a Vegas BRT to the Pike for a few weeks? Let us see how flexible BRT is - no dedicated lanes required. Let us, not the out-of-state REITs like Vornado, decide what's best for us. Thanks for showing us the YouTube videos of the Vegas BRT.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Next Pike $treetcar $harade is Over Here at Marymount on April 10th

Hi Yupette,

Just wanted to remind everyone that the next $treetcar $harade meeting aka forum will be facilitated by $ara$ota $cott McCaffrey, Arlington Chamber of Commerce's Executive Committee Member and $treetcar Facilitator, at Marymount University on Wednesday, April 10th at 8 PM. But first there will be a meet and greet followed by Committtee of 100 County Board and Chamber of Commerce Facilitators monthly dinner. Meeting place on  Marymount's main campus will be at Gerald Phelan Hall. As always, the Committee of 100 expects courteous and civil behavior to be observed towards everyone who conspires to destroy Arlington's suburban quality of life.

Joan, 22207