Friday, December 13, 2013

Fifteen Years of Wants-Not-Needs Government in Arlington - Enough

Hi Yupette,

Happy to see an independent is running against whichever Chris Zimmerman clone is selected by Arlington Democrats. After 15 years of wants-not-needs driving County Government, with Jay Fisette and Chris Zimmerman alternately in the driver's seat, it's time to reverse course and fund the basics first, not last.

Chris Zimmerman is getting the gold mine along with his corporate cronies who he'll be working with and for when he leaves the County Board. Jay Fisette already got the gold mine, through his domestic partner's management consulting firm whose clients include dozens of major corporations, many having appeared before the County Board seeking and receiving various gimmes over the years.

Only thing that would make me happier than seeing Chris Zimmerman leave the County Board would be Jay Fisette announce he's also retiring, to become a fund raiser for his pet non-profit arts organizations to take them off the taxpayer dole.

Thanks for your blog.

Joan, 22207

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Democratic Smart Growth Facilitators Call on Police to 'Supervise' Citizens Association Election

Hey Yupette,

Having angered residents who live near the Fairlington Community Center with plans for a Sunday farmer's market, never mind the impact of traffic on the neighborhood, the Fairlington Citizens Association called on the Arlington Police Department to attend its annual election meeting to ensure the Democratic incumbents are re-elected. And the same Democratic 'facilitators' - with a few new faces - have been tapped by Chris Zimmerman to fast-track the approval of the massive Park Shirlington luxury apartment redevelopment adjacent to North Fairlington.

Same police who Zimmerman has lurking undercover in the back of the County Board meeting room and secretly recording what citizens are saying and doing inside and outside the County Board room during County Board meetings and other public meetings.

What else is new in Fairlington? Same old from the same Democratic facilitators who had the cops attend election meetings a decade ago, and threatened Fairlington residents with arrest for complaining about the Shirlington redevelopment giveaways, lack of affordable housing, increased traffic, massive parking, and so on. And they're again engaging in the usual Democratic Party rumor-mongering, slander, and so on against Fairlington residents who don't go along with the program.