Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gutshall a Leading Contender for Reeves Farmhouse Ownership

Hey Yupette,

Discussion continues about which Young PlutoCrat is going to own the Reeves Farmhouse, which the County Board decided to sell last month rather than renovate and turn into an environment education center.

For years speculation has been that the Arlington County Board and Arlington Democratic Party wanted the Reeves Farmhouse to go to a deserving Democrat, perferably someone who works at home and has a thriving and expanding business.

Lately the sentiment around ACDC is for a self-employed Democrat with a family to more into Reeves Farmhouse rather than the farmhouse become a law office or real estate office.

So a tentative decision has been reached among the ACDC movers and shakers to give County Board candidate Erik Gutshall, who is a successful self-employed gentrification contractor, the right of first refusal on buying the farmhouse. Of course nothing will be announced until after November's elections.

Meanwhile the County (Parks and Rec) is spending several hundred thousand dollars fixing up the farmhouse in advance of a sale.

Decision to sell the farmhouse to a deserving Dem was made years ago, and now it's just a matter of which Dem finally gets it.


Mike Bluemont