Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fairfax County Decision-Makers Driving 'Public Lands for Public Good'

Hey, Yupette,

'Public Lands for Public Good' debate in Arlington? What a hoot! Who's driving 'Public Lands for Public Good'? Arlington's so-called 'decision makers' who live in beautiful suburban Fairfax County, of course! And not just Barbara Donnellan and hundreds of County and APS employees who work for her, but Fairfax County residents who belong to the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, Committee of 100, developers, planning consultants, lawyers, bankers, and many, many others who are packing as many people and vehicles into our tiny County as they can, with the help of Lexus Liberal New Urbanist Super Nimbys, like County Board Chairman Jay Fisette.

So what's going on where THEY live a few miles up Columbia Pike from Arlington? As you can see from the photo, life goes on, on Lake Barcroft, in Sleepy Hollow, and elsewhere off the Pike same as always.

Thanks for this blog.

Dennis, 22204