Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Democrats Play Race Card Against Streetcar Alternatives

Hi Yupette,

I was shocked to see and hear Arlington Democrats play the race card against state-of-the-art cost-effective bus alternatives to the Pike streetcar Arlington and Fairfax County Democrats have been lobbying for the past 6 years.

The County Board not only cast thinly-veiled racial and ethnic slurs against the present ridership of Columbia Pike buses at it's July 24th meeting, when it voted for streetcars on the Pike, but the Democratic Machine is looking for a means of creating a racially segregated transit system on the Pike - old buses on the Pike for minority group members and new streetcars for upscale whites using exclusionary tactics like pre-payment with a major credit card required to board a Pike streetcar, and gentrification of all minorities out of the Pike corridor.

You can see the racist and elitist Democratic thinking about Pike transit summed up in the racist and elitist Falls Church News-Press  last week (no news or news photos about ethnic or minority group members appear at all in any given week). Just check out the  "Our Man in Arlington" column, written by one of ACDC's Senior Ward Heelers.

Not only will the Pike be resegregated through gentrification but Pike streetcars are going to essentially be "Whites Only".

Pike Rider
Barcroft Apts.