Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Time for Austerity Spending by the County Board and School Board

Hi Yupette,

News today about the Federal Government shutdown is not good. And we're going to be stuck with the current Congress for another 16 months. Time is now for the County Board and School Board to implement their austerity spending plans (if such plans exist). The tax revenue streams derived from discretionary personal spending (sales tax, meals tax) that County Government uses to fund its extravagant vanity projects are rapidly drying up. Can tax revenue from other sources (home improvements, business expansion) be far behind?

Time for the County Board and School Board to immediately stop spending and borrowing to fund extravagant and unnecessary infrastructure - streetcars, lighted synthetic playing fields, million dollar bus shelters, elementary schools constructed with high school indoor athletic facilities, $350,000 painted fences and $450,000 brick walls pretending to be 'public art'.

Of course, Arlington being Neverland-on-the-Potomac and Arlington's First Yuppie being Gourmet Jay Fisette any sense of urgency regarding an impending fiscal crisis is drowned out by Arlington Government's theme song 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'.

Ted 22205