Friday, August 13, 2010

NTSB Report Indicates Zimmerman Was Grossly Negligent Re MetroRail Safety

Hello Arlington Yupette Bloggers -

I have to conclude, after reading the NTSB report, that long-time WMATA Board member Chris Zimmerman was grossly negligent during his tenure on the WMATA Board for ignoring major MetroRail safety problems and concentrating instead on Metrorail "cosmetics".


No Longer a Metro Rider

Favola Directing Re-Paving $$$ to North Arlington

Hey, Yupette,

If you wondered why South Arlington's streets aren't being repaved it's because Marymount University's Chief Lobbyist and Arlington County Board Member Barbara Favola is directing repaving funds to Yupscale North Arlington.

Carole - 22207

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Traffic Sign Funds Going to Bicycle Signs - Markings

Hi Yupette,

In case you wondered why street center lines haven't been repainted, crosswalks haven't been repainted, and Speed Limit and Stop signs haven't been maintained and upgraded it's because the money is going to paint bicycle lane markings on streets and post signs stating that bicycles can use vehicle lanes.

This is another attempt by the County Board to inflict its pet special interests on everyone. Puleeze don't tell me I have to start riding a bicycle in traffic, which is obviously Fisette's next move - exclusive lanes for bicycles only and prohibitions on motor vehicles. This is the same gang that approves 400 new parking spaces under every large building.

J.K. - 22201

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

County Will Not Fare Well After a DOD Downsizing

Hi Yupette,

If you are not concerned about the effects of DOD downsizing you should be. The County's "tax, borrow, and spend" fiscal irresponsibility is the result of vastly increased local federal spending for warfighting, homeland security, and national security. Obviously, Arlington's "decision makers" believe that the feds will go on spending trillions in the same manner for decades. But that is foolish thinking. The federal government has ignored civilian infrastructure needs for more than a decade. And the Feds can't keep borrowing $500 billion a year for much longer. Arlington should brace itself for at least a 10% reduction in local federal spending.

Larry - 22207