Monday, July 24, 2017

Living in Arlington in the Future? Buy a High MPG Car, You'll Need It

Hey Yupette,

What's Arlington's "future"? All essential infrastructure bulldozed out from all arterials in all neighborhoods as a consequence of Smart Growth 2.0, aka "Smart Growth on Steroids". Replaced by mixed-use infill - bars, restaurants, upscale national chain retail. Want to refuel your vehicle? Be prepared for a long wait at the few remaining service stations. Be prepared to drive awhile to a garden store, veterinarian, appliance store, auto repair shop (unless you own a vehicle with a dealership in Arlington, and how many of those will there be?), hardware store, and so on.

Public and private infrastructure on Lee Highway, 10th Street, Washington Blvd., Glebe Road has been allowed to deteriorate while the County builds Taj Mahal public infrastructure and approves more mixed-use inflll with more parking. If you drive through vibrant Clarendon on Wilson Boulevard that's the County's future. The entire County will be Clarendoned sooner than anyone thinks. So, think about buying a plug-in hybrid now and save yourself a lot of aggravation a year or two from now.

C.E. Ballston