Thursday, June 23, 2016

Libby Garvey Votes for Massive Urbanization, Lives in an Urban Village

Hey Yupette,

Thanks for your blog. Yes, County Government and especially the County Board are core members of the New Urbanist Cult. They and their corporate cronies from the out-of-state real estate trusts are out to completely urbanize Arlington. "Car Free Diet", "Urban Village", and "Walkable Communities" are huge charades. Whatever Lyin' Libby may say she votes for massive urbanization, neighborhood after neighborhood, no matter how unhappy that makes residents of suburban neighborhoods in Bluemont, Lee Highway, Ballston, Clarendon.

So where does Lyin' Libby live? In an Urban Village that includes once-affordable Fairlington and the restaurants, retail, and essential services providers across Quaker Lane in the City of Alexandria. No resemblance to vibrant Shirlington Village, by the way.

Not only is Libby's neighborhood a walkable urban village but more real community amenities, like an immediate care facility and speciality supermarket, are moving to Libby's neighborhood. Unlike Arlington, older buildings in Libby's neighborhood are being substantially renovated. So are the shopping plazas.

What I see in Libby's neighborhood is what's typical of Arlington's other New Urbanist VIPs...they don't want Smart Growth anywhere near where they live, while 80% of Arlington neighborhoods are on their Smart Growth redevelopment opportunity to-do list.

I'm voting to put Audrey Clement on the County Board before Arlington is overwhelmed. Only a matter of a few years. I live in Claremont and no one in Arlington Government cares about massive new urbanization near us on Route 7.