Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fireworks Display Starts at 6:30 Tonight - County Board Room

Hey Yupette,

There's going to be a free fireworks display in the County Board Room tonight during the recessed County Board meeting.  This afternoon's County Board meeting will be a warmup for the main fireworks display starting at 6:30.

Agenda items to watch tonight are Consent Agenda item 27 (Fiscal Year 2015 Grant Agreements between the County Board and the State's Department of Rail and Public Transportation), Consent Agenda Item 29, (AHIF funding of the William Watters Apartments renovation), and Regular Hearing Item 50 (Expenditure of $58 million for additional leased office space for DHS in the Sequoia Building from FY 15 through FY 23 and extension of the lease on the space DHS already occupies in the Sequoia Building until 2030.

As always, you can watch the fireworks at home via public access television or via the Web site.