Friday, January 25, 2013

Yuppies de Quebec Discussing Smart Growth Gentrification Facilitation in Washington D.C.

Hi Yupette,

FYI, Chris Zimmerman and the region's Yuppie Smart Growth Elitists invited Quebec's Yuppie Elite to D.C. last Summer to see how Smart Growth Gentrification works inside the Beltway. Here's a link to the press release issued by the Communaute' Metropolitaine de Montreal on June 14th:

Washington DC discusses urban development with Montreal

"Some thirty representatives from the Communaute' metropolitaine de Montreal (CMM) were in Washington DC from June 5 to 7. The theme of the mission was urban development with an emphasis on public transit infrastructure (Transit-Oriented Development, or TOD). The group composed of mayors, municipal councillors and Government of Quebec and municipal representatives was headed by Longueuil Mayor Caroline St-Hillaire.

The purpose of the visit by the CCM representatives was to hold discussions with some of the people behind the introduction of the first generation TOD in the Washington metropolitan area in order to benefit from their experience and learn lessons that could be applied to metropolitan Montreal where the proximity of public transit stations (subways, commuter trains) facilitates sustainable urban development. For example, the CMM representatives witnessed first hand the success of the Arlington (Virginia) suburb, which is known for its smart residential and commercial growth development near the Metrorail stations, and which has earned Arlington County a number of awards."

Peter, 22204

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Zimmerman's Goals for Montreal = Smart Growth + Streetcars


So what's Chris Zimmerman REALLY been doing in Montreal? His visits haven't just been about earning a few extra dollars to help pay for his kid's college education by consulting for AEcom Canada East. No, what Zimmy is doing in Montreal is nothing less than helping Montreal's Smart Growth Elite establish Smart Growth as the one-and-only development and re-development strategy for the Metropolitan Government of Montreal (Communaute' Metropolitaine de Montreal). Zimmy is also helping Montreal's Smart Growth Elite resurrect Montreal's streetcar system, which ceased operation in 1959, as a clone of the streetcar system Zimmy wants to install on the Pike.

In the event you didn't get to the County Board Offices to peruse Zimmy's 2012 Statement of Financial Interests, here's his verbatim addendum to Item 6 (Sources of Income).

Note to Item 6
"In 2012 I received the following consulting income:

Vivre en Ville  - April 2012 - $576
(non-profit organization based in Quebec, Canada)

Communaute' Metropolitaine de Montreal - May 2012 - $2,304
(regional agency in Montreal, Canada)

AEcom Canada East - October 2012 - $510
(planning practice based in Montreal)

I provided consulting services on an hourly basis. The amount of work performed did not in 2012, nor is it anticipated at any time in the future, to reach the $10,000 disclosure limit threshold."


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Route 1 Bus Rapid Transit Project Construction Progressing in Alexandria

Hi Yupette,

While Chris Zimmerman is inflicting his outrageously expensive streetcar "legacy" on Arlington taxpayers, the cost-efficient Route 1 Bus Rapid Transit project in Alexandria is progressing on-time, thanks to a mild Winter. Check out the project next time you're on Route 1. Or just do a Web search on "Alexandria Route 1 Corridor Bus Rapid Transit" for more information.


Alex, 22314