Friday, May 9, 2014

Parents of Students with Autism Beg While APS Spends Extravagantly on Sports

 Hi Yupette,

Anyone else watch what occurred at last night's School Board Meeting? Bunch of parents of kids with autism attended and begged and pleaded with the School Board to restore $270,000 in proposed cuts to APS's autism programs. It's common knowledge that the number of children diagnosed with autism is increasing. Same Arlington Public School System that can't spend enough on sports and activities that have little to do with education? And I thought the Arlington County Board's priorities are inverted!

Instead of begging to have funds restored and increased to educate APS students with autism parents should be demanding the resignation of  Superintendent Patrick Murphy and the retirement of  School Board members who support Murphy's recreation-socialization-remediation agenda.

Brenda - Wakefield Parent

Monday, May 5, 2014

Arlington's $568 Million Wastewater Treatment Plant in Big Doo Doo

Hey, Yupette,

I have a good bud who works at Arlington's almost-new $568 million wastewater treatment plant. According to him, the plant has been in a state of dysfunction since last week's major downpours and things are getting worse. The plant staff can't apparently get the wastewater treatment system under control. All they are apparently able to do is shut off one valve or valves, and turn on another, or others. The alarms have been going off the past few days like in one of those old Star Trek episodes where the Klingons attack the Enterprise. Enough HAZMAT is stored at the plant to blow a crater into Potomac Yards and level Arlington Ridge. It's raining hard again tonight, so hope the plant doesn't blow up, or have to be evacuated because of HAZMAT releases.

Bob, 22202