Tuesday, January 12, 2016

WETA 'Seriously Considering' Leaving Arlington


Several Fairlington and Shirlington residents who contribute to AY attended the County Board's community walking tour of Shirlington-Nauck last Sunday afternoon. They met several WETA staff who stated WETA is 'very unhappy' with the 'grimy industrial environment' in Shirlington and along Four Mile Run, where WETA has its studios. WETA Staff cited the 'serious deterioration' of the entire area, ranging from heavy construction vehicles and ART buses parked along Four Mile Run Drive to the 'outdoor food court' that Shirlington Village has become. WETA's Board of Directors tolerated the move of the day laborers' drop-off and pick-up to next door to WETA's studios ten years ago but is increasingly unhappy that Arlington County has done next to nothing to stop the area's deterioration, especially since the County now owns many buildings in the area. Consequently, AY and others believe County Government has only itself to blame if WETA follows NSF out of Arlington.

Cindy, 22206