Friday, March 20, 2015

Arlington Police Abandon Neighborhoods to Provide Pub Crawl Security

Hey Yupette,

Chief Doug Scott may have retired from the Arlington Police Department but it's still the same old ACPD. Residential neighborhoods have been stripped of police officers for the past two weeks to provide security for St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the Ballston-Rosslyn corridor which are going to morph into March Madness next week, after the St. Paddy's Day Mega Crawl on March 21st. ACPD has had a command post set up in the B-R corridor since March 13th and it will remain until after the NCAA Championship Game on April 6th.

So be sure to lock your vehicle, put personal belongings out of sight in the trunk or locked storage compartment, keep bicycles indoors, turn on security lighting, and watch out for strangers in your neighborhood looking for things to steal and neighbors to rob. Those of us who live in residential neighborhoods that are not in the B-R corridor are on our own until after April 6th.

Barry, 22207

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bikester Urban Hipster Cult to Gridlock Arlington by 2018

Hey, Yupette,

I visited my sister in Baltimore for the first time in about two years.

Latest news from Baltimore is the Bikester Cult has Baltimore gridlocked much of the time, together with their Gangsta buds who ride everything from skateboards to ATVs on Baltimore's streets, roads, highways, trails, sidewalks, everywhere, all the time. Pedestrians are constantly in danger. Motor vehicles can't move.

Same thing is gonna happen here in Arlington within about 3 years, if the Bikester Urban Hipster Cult has its way. Facilitated by the likes of Urban Hipster wannabes like Jay Fisette.

But don't believe me. Take the MARC train up to Baltimore and see Arlington's future for yourselves.

Terri, 22201