Saturday, January 8, 2011

Should 'Kris Von Zimmerman' be the Next Colonel Klink?

Now that Chris Zimmerman aka 'Kris Von Zimmerman' has resigned from the WMATA Board of Directors he has all kinds of time to 'pursue other activities". I and others who live on Columbia Pike believe Chris would be better suited to be the next Colonel Klink in a "Hogan's Heroes" remake than the Reitsfuhrer of Transportation in Arlington County. We also think that "Gourmet Jay" Fisette would make a great Colonel Hogan. Thanks for posting this on the AY blog.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Time to Sue the REITs, County Government, Law Firms, "Community Leaders" for Destroying Neighborhoods

Hello, Yupette,

I just saw the latest so-called "planning" that County Planning Staff (and they don't live in Arlington) proposes to inflict on East Falls Church. Another Shirlington. Just as former County Manager Mike Brown predicted. Another "plaza" that will serve as a "gathering place" for the thousands of new EFC in-fill residents who will overwhelm our schools, playgrounds, parks, and streets. No new open space for parks. The Marymount-O'Connell steal is a harbinger of the gradual destruction of EFC and Williamsburg by the County Board and the REITs, led by "Reitsfuhrer" Zimmerman.

Time to sue the REITs, County Goverment, Attorneys representing the REITs, and County Board-appointed so-called "Community Leaders" for aiding and abetting the destruction of our quiet suburban neighborhoods.

What the hell are we, anyway? Suburban neighborhoods or "mega-infill development opportunities" for out-of-state REITS? Who do Zimmerman and the County Board actually represent? Not us, obviously.

EFC Homeowner

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Arlington is Anti Knowledge, Learning, Science

Hello Yupette,

I am appalled by the lack of interest in renovating the Planetarium. Planetary Science has become a hot field at NASA over the past 15 years. Isn't the First Lady of Arlington, Mrs. Zimmerman, employed by NASA? You would think that NASA headquarters employees who live in Arlington would be delighted to take the lead in renovating the Planetarium.

But it's not just the Planetarium. Arlington County Government is anti-knowledge and anti-learning. There is always plenty of money for sports and recreation, but branch library hours are cut back and branch libraries are constantly threatened with closure. Moreover, about 80% of what's on branch library shelves is fiction.

There is little or no discussion about what's happening elsewhere - whether it's on-site solar or MAGLEV trains. Arlington is a knowledge and learning backwater. Anyone else notice that we seem to be stuck in 1985?

Kristine - 22206

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zimmerman to Raise Taxes and Fees on Business Again in 2011

Hi Yupette,

Whatever "Reitsfuhrer" Zimmerman says about being "friendly" to businesses fact is he and the County Board are getting ready to raise fees and taxes again to pay for their extravagant projects and give-aways to their pet special interests. Zimmerman's charade about being "business friendly" is just a ploy to keep tapped-out small companies like mine from moving to a business-friendly location. Shame on the so-called Chamber of Commerce and its media shills (you know who you are, Scotty) for going along.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Favola Lobbying for Marymount-O'Connell, Ignores EFC-Williamsburg Neighborhood

Hello, Yupette,

I was very unhappy to learn last night that Barbara Favola is doing everything possible to get our neighborhoods to go along with her employer, Marymount University's, efforts to destroy my neighborhood (I live close to Bishop O'Connell High School) with team sports played until 11 PM on lighted fields at Bishop O'Connell. Barbara is reportedly being paid $100,000 per year by Marymount to be it's chief lobbyist and is constantly on the telephone and in meetings either at Marymount or at the County Board offices with Walsh-Colucci, which represents Marymount, or with EFC and Williamsburg "community leaders". Only time Barbara is ever seen in my neighborhood is when she's running for re-election and she's looking for votes.

We are not Longbridge Park (where Barbara also made a deal with the County to benefit Marymount). We are a residential neighborhood and want to remain one. If Barbara wants to be a full-time lobbyist for Marymount it's time for her to resign from the County Board.

Mark - Tuckahoe

Monday, January 3, 2011

Zimmerman Likes Arlington Business Like Foxes Like Chickens

I'm a small 'boutique' business person in Ballston. Whatever Mr. Zimmerman says about making Arlington more conducive to small business, fact is that he and the County Board have as much sympathy for the problems of small business as foxes have for chickens. This is the same Chris Zimmerman who imposed a business improvement district on us in Ballston at the last County Board meeting.

Worst is the Chamber of Commerce that goes along with raptors like Zimmerman, Tejada, Hynes, Favola, and Fisette. Even worse are worthless so-called Chamber of Commerce boosters like McCafftonelli whose blurbs in support of Reitminister Zimmerman read like something out of a cheap detective novel.

All they want is more business taxes for their unnecessary and extravagant mega-projects. And giving corporate welfare to the sleazy weasels who run the out-of-state REITs.

T.Y. - 22201