Monday, March 6, 2017

What's Next for Reeves Farm Farmhouse?

Hey Yupette,

I gotta wonder what's next for the Reeves Farm farmhouse. None of the groups that expressed interest in saving the farmhouse for historic purposes could raise the $2 million or so needed to create a museum or historic learning center. As we all know, there is no real philanthropy in Arlington, so some wealthy person isn't going to come forward to buy and restore the farmhouse and turn it over to the County or a non-profit.

Which leaves the County. Same Arlington County that just went $1.9 million over budget for five 1-block residential street improvement projects. Same County where Parks and Rec pays $800,000 to tear down a perfectly good home next to a park to create a vacant lot. Same County that just gave Nestle' a $6 million relocation gift. Same County that's building $500,000 bus shelters that don't shelter (reduced from $1 million). Same County that gives APAH tens of millions to build affordable housing that's not affordable to the working class who work in restaurants and retail next door to, or across the street from, the affordable housing. And so on.

So, Arlington being Arlington, I have to wonder who will finally own the Reeves farmhouse. I have to believe it's will be someone VERY politically connected who was promised the farmhouse years ago. Guess we will have to stay tuned for news.