Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Parents Incensed by Capital Bikeshare Riders

Hi, Yupette,

What is it about Capital Bikeshare? Indeed, it's corporate motto should be "Safety Last".

Was pushing my kid's stroller down the sidewalk last week and was brushed aside by not one but three people on Capital Bikeshare bicycles. If they had been going a little faster I would not have had time to get the stroller out of their way. Of course they were not wearing helmets, I've only seen a few people riding Bikeshare bicycles who do.

What is the attraction of riding bicycles on sidewalks when there are trails and marked lanes parallel to the sidewalks, e.g., on Walter Reed Drive? Who is telling bicyclists to stay 3 feet from pedestrians? No one!

Some Bikeshare Bozo hits me when I'm walking on a sidewalk I'm suing Capital Bikeshare. BTW, I see it didn't take long for moped owners to clean up their act now that mopeds have to be licensed. Time to license bicycles, starting with Capital Bikeshare.

Julie, 22206