Friday, August 28, 2015

Mary 'Safety Last' Hynes Should be a PAL - Retire Now from WMATA Board

Hey, Yupette:

I am tired of hearing sanctimonious sermons from Mary Hynes about Metrorail. What's happened to Metrorail during the five years she's been on the WMATA Board? More derailments, more accidents, more problems. Decades of dirt, rust, grease coated everything in the Metrorail the point power sources to the trains shorted out and caused fires. Every month another significant problem is discovered.

It gets worse. Mary's brought her 'safety last' mindset to Arlington via her service on the County Board. What kind of stupid safety slogan is "Be a PAL"?  We are risking our lives walking on the sidewalks in Shirlington Village, Westover, Clarendon, Rosslyn, etc. Why? Because Mary and the others with the authority to put a comprehensive multi-modal safety program in place, including enforcement, instead trade free range behavior by Bikeshare, Bike Arlington, and the other bikster bozos for votes.

Four months remain in Mary's term on the County Board. Time for her retire now from the WMATA Board.

Thanks for this blog.

Roger, 22205

Monday, August 24, 2015

Arlington Police Are Completely Reactive - Who Will They Chase Next?

Hey Yupette,

I was talking to a friend who's employed by and will retire from the Arlington Police Department in the near future. In the event you haven't heard by now, the Arlington Police Department is 100% reactive and only responds to anything when there's a report or complaint. There are a few exceptions like special events and providing security for bars, restaurants, and malls. And putting entire groups under surveillance for any reason or no reason. Latest group is Millennial males carrying backpacks. So don't expect any 'community policing' from ACPD anytime soon. This is the last week before summer interns go back to school and if  I were between 17 and 25 I would not venture into the pub crawl zones this weekend, especially after Midnight. Thanks for your blog.

Mark - 22201