Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fisette's 'Vision' for Arlington - Neighborhoods Into Party Zones

Hi, Yupette,

Thanks for this blog.

I watched yesterday's County Board meeting. I live in 22202 and it was appalling to see how county government has allowed our historic residential neighborhoods to deteriorate. Just watch the NC plan presentation by the Arlington Ridge Civic Association.

It's obvious what Jay Fisette and the others on the County Board are up to - neighborhood by neighborhood redevelopment with the redeveloped neighborhoods becoming 'party zones' and every older neighhood allowed to deteriorate to the point where it becomes a "redevelopment opportunity" for the REITs who Jay Fisette and the others cater to.

Whatever anyone may say about Audrey Clement, it seems to me that she is concerned about the quality-of-life in residential neighborhoods like Arlington Ridge. I'm voting for her next month.

Mike - 22202