Friday, March 6, 2015

Time for a Comprehensive Local Bus Network That Serves Everyone

Hey, Yupette,

How much will County taxpayers pay to support Capital Bikeshare next fiscal year? Another pet vanity transit project that rational and sane adults decline to use five months a year. Like during this prolonged winter. Then there's the lack of anything resembling a safety program for bicyclists in general and Capital Bikeshare in particular. Oh, County Government also approves site plans that co-locate hundreds of motor vehicle parking spaces and hundreds of bicycle parking spaces in the same building. Rush hour gridlock on adjacent streets when warm weather finally arrives? Stay tuned.

How much is being poured into seasonal Bikeshare that could be spent on better Metrobus service and more ART Bus routes that can serve everyone year-around? Where is that independent internal auditor? While we're at it, can we have a linked connector bus transit system among local jurisdictions?

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ART Bus Rider

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Family and Friends Persuading Jay Fisette to Retire from County Board

Hi Yupette,

Another ACDC Meeting, another election cycle begins. Not surprising that five Young Yellow Dog Democrats are running to replace the Old Yellow Dog Democrats retiring from the County Board. Thing that was the most surprising was several Democrats told me that Jay Fisette's family and friends are persuading him to retire at the end of his present term on the County Board, end of 2017. By then Jay will have served 20 years on the County Board and many Dems feel that's long enough. Also, LGBT Dems who have long been Jay's most ardent supporters feel it's time to put a young LGBT candidate on the County Board.

Some of Arlington's non-Yellow Dog Democrats hold Jay largely responsible for the loss of a supposedly-safe Democratic County Board seat last year because of Jay's increasingly-expensive pet vanity projects - dog parks, live theater, and aquatics.

Jay and his spouse, Rob Rosen, have become quite wealthy during Jay's time on the County Board, so Jay can do whatever he chooses when he retires.

Thanks for your blog.

ACDC Old Timer