Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Congressman Beyer, Limo Liberals Hold Progressive Hugfest, Trump Hatefest

Hey Yupette,

I voted for Bernie in last year's Democratic Primary so I received a post card from Congresman Beyer inviting me to his "Road Ahead" meetup at Wakefield H.S. on Monday.

I have to give Congressman Beyer credit, he was cheerful and upbeat, not like Jim Moran at all. Answered any and all questions for more then 90 minutes. Brought knowledgeable people to the meetup who were on-stage to follow up on questions.

Unfortunately, this meetup was not for constituents but was a rally for limo liberals, aka wealthy progressives. First indication of that was Republicans collecting candidate petition signatures well outside the school building. Second indication was the tables set up outside the school's auditorium by the usual progressive groups.

Inside the auditorium about every limo liberal in the Eighth District was in attendance. And some progressives from DC and elsewhere. Minority group members were conspicuous by their absence.

Whatever Congressman Beyer's intentions, the meetup quickly deteriorated into anti-Trump rants and "what are we going to do now"? questions. And pitches for every progressive cause, program, dogma, etc.

Oh, a few minority group members in attendance with questions about school integration and housing affordability were turned over to County Board and School Board members for the usual say little, do nothing pontification.

Based on this meeting would I blame the Trump Administration for completely ignoring Congressman Beyer and the legislation he sponsors? No.