Monday, October 3, 2016

County Board's Priorities: Massive Urbanization and Massive Spending for Vanity Infrastructure

Hey Yupette,

So what has the County Board been all excited about the past few County Board meetings? Imposing massive urbanization on what remains of a suburban county and spending massive amounts for vanity public infrastructure projects. Same Libby Garvey who was dead against a streetcar system on Columbia Pike and million dollar transit shelters on the Pike just voted for a $4 million Taj Mahal pedestrian bridge across Wilson Boulevard while hundreds of acres of brick sidewalks on Wilson Boulevard, Fairfax Drive, and elsewhere in the B-R Corridor badly need replacing. Then there's the deteriorated street lighting and street paving all across the County.

Looks like we're going to be short a few hundred classrooms in ten years but the County Board's focus is going to be on a $40 million cross-Potomac gondola, a $60 million aquatic center, a $250 million convention center, and spending $100 million repurposing neighborhood parks, and even residential streets, into multi-purpose activity centers while the County is being completely urbanized. Oh, insofar as their "Car Free Diet" is concerned it's another Smart Growth charade, the County is on course to be not only saturated with vehicles of all types, but grilocked at rush hours. We can also ride bicycles everywhere 24/7/365, something they're going to spend another $50 million on because Jay Fisette and Libby Garvey like bicycles.

What else can we expect from one-party government for the past 35 years that's been in the pockets of New Urbanist developers for the past 25 years? Time for a change. Keep our suburban county suburban. Elect Audrey Clement to the County Board.

PR, MK, CJ, and other Democrats for Intelligent Growth