Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fisette Denies He Accepted Contributions from PACs and Business Interests

Hi Yupette,

I was appalled to hear Jay Fisette claim during yesterday's yesterday's Westover debate that he hasn't accepted campaign contributions from PACs and business interests. In fact, Jay accepted $2,000 from the Virginia Realtor's PAC and almost $22,000 from various business interests, many that have appeared before the County Board.


Reeder: I'll Work For Fiscal Responsibility on County Board

In a statement released today County Board candidate John Reeder stated he is "very concerned" about extravagant spending by the County Board and "deeply concerned" about the extravagant Gala the County threw for the Newseum Cultural Center just before the County Manager's Office disclosed that the County would suffer a $80 million to $100 million budget shortfall next year. Mr. Reeder opposes the County Board's extravagant and unnecessary "vanity projects" like the Columbia Pike trolley and will work to make County Government "fiscally responsible" when he's on the County Board.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Details Emerge About Sun Gazette Parent Company's Bankruptcy

According to the Web site, the Sun Gazette's parent company, American Community Newspapers, LLC and ACN LLC's secured creditors repeatedly attempted over the course of three months to use a Federal bankruptcy court to prevent ACN's unsecured creditors, mostly small businesses, from being paid for their goods and services. American Community Newspapers LLC was sold to it's secured creditors on June 29th. The secured creditors consist of a consortium of 9 financial institutions with General Electric Credit as lead bank. The Federal bankruptcy judge ultimately determined on October 7th to dismiss ACN LLC from bankruptcy since ACN's secured creditors had already acquired an $80 million company free of liens and encumbrances and depriving small business tradespeople of income would be unfair.

Arlington County Board-Chamber of Commerce Opposes Renewable Energy

Arlington County actually LOST commercial renewable solar energy over the past four years. The demonstration solar farm at the Pentagon power plant has been dismantled. Why do Jay Fisette and the County Board go along with the anti-environment, anti-renewable energy Chamber of Commerce and rely on "green gimmicks" and charades like bicycle racks in the basements of 400-vehicle parking garages to make buildings "energy efficient"?

Extravagant County Board Spending to Cause an $80-$100 Million Budget Shortfall Next Year

According to the Arlington County Board's own Web site, the County Board is facing a $80 million to $100 million budget deficit next year, largely as the result of the County Board's extravagant spending on pet "vanity projects" and give-aways to pet special interests. A $100 million budget shortfall would translate into a 10% residential real estate tax increase next year.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Residents Express Concerns About Mega-Development at October 24th County Board Meeting

Residents from several Arlington communities across Arlington County attended Saturday's County Board meeting to express their concerns about the accelerating pace of mega-development in Arlington County during the Public Comment period. The response of both the County Board and mainstream media was more indifference to citizens' concerns about traffic, air quality, and quality-of-life deterioration.