Thursday, July 3, 2014

San Antonio Residents Fight Streetcar Plans, Collect Signatures for Referendum

Hello, Yupette,

I was in San Antonio on business last month. The Arlington Yupette blog should be aware that almost the same battle is being waged there against a downtown streetcar line (at a projected cost of $280 million). Same entrenched Democratic machine committed to 'New Urbanism'. Same entrenched transportation bureaucracy. Same group of chamber of commerce and development-for-the-sake-of-development boosters. Same 'economic analysis' paid for by the City of San Antonio that 'proves' a streetcar line will generate $1.3 billion in economic benefits from development and redevelopment.

Difference between Arlington and San Antonio is that San Antonio residents are much more vocal and are collecting petition signatures to put a streetcar referendum question on the ballot in November. Same concerns about streetcar safety, traffic jams, and various costs to residents. So check it out on the Web.

Jason, 22204

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Poor and Minority Moped Owners Furious About Mandatory Registration


I am a struggling African American who works in a fast food restaurant on the Pike. Don't have much left over from my pay check for paying rent, which is why I can't afford to live in Arlington.

About 9 months every year I can commute the 8 miles from my actually affordable apartment (location I won't disclose so some yuptard developer won't make an offer the owner can't refuse) to the Pike restaurant where I work. I use an inexpensive Moped with a 50 cc engine to commute from home to work.

So, guess what our local General Assembly Democrats decided? Poor minority group members (like me) have to have our Mopeds registered and titled and display license plates by tomorrow, July 1st.

Don't want to do that? The Arlington Transportation Elite suggests we rent Bikeshare bicycles instead (per the Post article yesterday). Cost? Maybe $1,000 per year for someone like me.

NO WAY I will vote for any local PlutoCrat who calls himself or herself a 'Democrat'. They are ALL selfish and greedy. Anything they might do that benefits poor minority group working class people is purely a coincidence.