Saturday, March 20, 2010

Need for New EMS Vehicles "Critical" - Fisette Strips Public Safety Budget to Fund Entertainment

Hello Ms. Yupette:

There 's a critical shortage of EMS vehicles, Arlington needs at least 5 new Medic vehicles (ambulances) right now. The County's 2011 budget is being stripped of funds by Jay Fisette to pay for expensive live entertainment projects.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Arlington's Neighborhood Conservation Program "Probably Illegal"


I'm a paralegal in a law office where civil rights and discrimination is a big part of the practice. I also live in South Arlington. Near as I can tell the County's so-called "Neighborhood Conservation" program is exclusionary and blatantly discriminatory. Money is diverted from comprehensive infrastructure maintenance and improvements to a few neighborhoods for extravagant beautification projects. Hope this posting will help get my street repaved sometime within the next 10 years.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AOL Feature - U.S. Population Growth Will Be Substantial Over Next 40 years

Yupette, log on to AOL and check out today's AOL feature - U.S. population growth will be substantial over the next 40 years. Jeff

Monday, March 15, 2010

South Arlington Parents Consider Suing School System for Discrimination

Yupette, we are really pissed at the Arlington School System because of the overt discrimination against South Arlington kids and for North Arlington kids. The Neo-Segregationists and Elitists are stripping funds from the 2011 School System budget for South Arlington's de facto "vocational" segregationist curriculum to send their spoiled White and Asian brats to TJ High School.

We heard that President Obama listened to our complaints when he visited Wakefield, but we aren't going to wait until the U.S. Department of Education gets around to suing, we're going to sue the Racists and Elitists ourselves.

Wakefield Parent

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Year Around Shelter for the Homeless Still "Under Consideration"

Hi Yupette.

The Arlington Yuppie Board again refused to commit to year-around housing for Arlington's growing homeless population at yesterday's CB meeting. Arlington's population has grown by about 22,000 (11%) over the past decade and many who were added to Arlington's population since 2000 are of households that are well under the poverty level. Meanwhile, funds will be stripped from essential services in the 2011 budget to fund the County Board's pet projects and pet special interests.

Mark - 22204