Thursday, December 26, 2013

Next on Zimmerman's Smart Growth Agenda - 'Complete Streets' in Your Residential Neighborhood

Hello Yupette,

Ever wonder what all the people in our quiet residential neighborhoods are supposed to do for open space and activity space once our neighborhoods are urbanized? Not to worry. Chris Zimmerman and his colleagues at Smart Growth America and their friends who control the REITS who are set to urbanize our neighborhoods have it all 'planned'. Our streets are going to be turned into open space, activity space, and recreation space. Don't expect REITs that are profiting enormously from dedicating a few hundred square feet of plaza space surrounded by retail and restaurants to pay for acres of open space. It's not going to happen. What to do? Task Arlington's bloated 'planning' staff (almost none live in Arlington) with converting residential streets in quiet neighborhoods into recreation space for New Urbanists who live in corridors like Columbia Pike, Lee Highway, Rosslyn-Crystal City, and Four Mile Run-Shirlington. Of course, Zimmy's own neighborhood is off-limits as are the neighborhoods of his good buds on the County Board, Jay Fisette and Walter Tejada. Stay tuned for 'Complete Streets' coming to your neighborhood soon.

Pike Rider