Saturday, September 26, 2015

County Board Approves $522,000 Tot Lot, Cost $108,000 to Design

Hey Yupette,

Wonder why the September 24th Recessed County Board Meeting video is 'experiencing technical difficulties' and is not yet available for viewing on-line. Maybe because the recessed meeting is full of embarrassing moments, like the County Board taken to task for approving a new tot lot for Butler Holmes Park in the Lyon Park neighborhood which will cost $522,400 to build including $108,423 to design. Parks and Rec included a couple picnic tables and grills near the tot lot. So let's see, if you divide $108,423 by 100 that's $1,084.23 per hour to design the tot lot over 2 1/2 weeks. I thought we put an end to $1 million bus shelters and $1.5 million doggie spas last year. Guess not.

Cindy, 22201

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Luxury Schools are a Charade. Relocatables Will Stay.

Hi Yupette,

County Board approved the plans for Abingdon School on Monday. A dozen new classrooms will be added, and capacity will be increased by 136 seats. Huge amounts will be spent on infrastructure not related to education on the school campus. The school won't even be certified LEED Silver. Indoor environmental quality will be mediocre at best. Cost for the school's renovation and expansion will be at least $30 million.

But the biggest surprise of the County Board's approval process was when APS's architect admitted, when questioned by John Vihstadt, that relocatables will be back on the Abingdon campus by 2019.

Based on the County's population growth it's likely the relocatables won't ever leave the Abingdon campus. Same for other schools being renovated and expanded. But parents want expensive country day schools and that's what the school architects like to build. No modular construction allowed.

Susan - 22206