Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Abingdon Asbestos HazMat Scare Latest Use Permit Violation


A release of asbestos being removed from Abingdon School during renovation occurred yesterday. It was the latest in a laundry list of use permit violations related to the school's renovation that have occurred since renovation started last Summer.

Bad enough that Abingdon's students may have been exposed to asbestos, but the neighbors who live close-by Abingdon School weren't notified about the incident until today.

Among the local celebrities who live close to the school are Inside Nova / Sun Gazette Editor Scott McCaffrey and ArlNow Publisher Scott Brodbeck.

APS repeatedly promised the Arlington County Board there would be no repeat of the numerous use permit violations that occurred during Ashlawn, McKinley, and Discovery schools construction / renovation.

The Abingdon School neighborhood is furious and is demanding replacement of APS and contractor managers responsible for recurring problems at Abingdon.


Followup on January 27th - It gets worse. Interior of Abingdon School wasn't contaminated by asbestos because the asbestos was dumped outside the school and left uncovered!! Neighborhood was the last to know and many who live close to the school still don't know.