Friday, September 23, 2011

Deja Vu Reconstruction - Carpetbaggers are Ruining Alexandria

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News from Alexandria isn't good. The out-of-state Carpetbaggers are ruining Alexandria, aided and abetted by local pols and absentee property owners who have allowed their properties to deteriorate while they places like the Gold Coast of Florida, and Hawaii. It's like Reconstruction after the War Between the States.

Developer, Consultant, Planner, Lawyer Carpetbaggers are drawn by BRAC like flies are drawn by sugar to the West End of Alexandria, where they're trying to inflict Club Hedo on hardworking middle class Virginians who are maids at Mark Center, salespersons at Landmark, and attendants at the yuppie health clubs. More than 2200 affordable market-rate apartments are going to be eliminated via mixed-use yuppification, forcing workers to commute 40 miles one-way from the outer-outer suburbs. More 'Smart Growth'.

This is what we get from electing a Mayor who's not only pro-development, he's a GD developer! Another 'model minority' who appears to hate minorities. Like...guess who? Barack Obama.

Oh, forgot to mention, there's a couple more Club Hedo marinas planned for the waterfront in Old Town and the present GenOn generating station site.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time for Scott McCaffrey to Move On

Hi Yupette:

The new Sun Gazette Web Blog is a mess. It's difficult or impossible to post comments. It seems the blog's software bugs aren't going to be fixed and Scotty doesn't care. He (apparently) is no longer allowed to run the SG's news blog, and the SG's newsroom, as he pleases. All he CAN do is post press releases from the County Manager's Office, Arlington Chamber of Commerce, real estate sales reports, etc. This is the guy who who awards 'C' grades to any candidate for County Board who doesn't go along with the County Board's status quo dumb growth program. Well, his current grade is 'F' in Journalism 101. Time for Sarasota Scotty to move Sarasota.


Monday, September 19, 2011

County Residents Expressed Widespread Dissatisfaction with County Board on September 17th

Hello Yupette,

I viewed the public comments at the opening of Saturday's County Board meeting and it appears that's there's widespread dissatisfaction with the way County Government is operating. County residents from across the social, economic, ethnic, and political spectrum expressed dissatisfaction with the County's bureaucracy which is apparently not capable of addressing longstanding problems and opportunities (homelessness, code enforcement, traffic, moderate income tenants facing eviction, renewable energy, library operations) but is focused on sports, entertainment, recreation, and helping out-of-state developers fast-track mega-redevlopment projects no matter what the consequences for nearby communities.