Friday, December 14, 2012

Canadian Police Investigation of AECOM Indicates Corruption Beyond Canada

Hello, Yupette,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the ongoing investigation of AECOM by the Surete de Quebec.

Latest about the investigation of AECOM and other engineering and construction companies is it appears the collusion, bribes, payments of "consulting fees" to elected officials to obtain no-bid and sole-source contracts, and other activities extend way beyond the Province of Quebec and Canada.

Much of the investigation here in PQ involves collusion, i.e., elected officials award contracts to one or two engineering and construction corporations, excluding all others.

If you do a Web search on "AECOM Montreal corruption investigation" and "Charbonneau Commssion" you will learn a lot about what is occurring in PQ with regard to corruption in the engineering and construction sectors.



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zimmy's Newest Pike Streetcar Facilitator - Amtrak Joe Biden

Hey Yupette,

Think the reason Amtrak Joe Biden visited Arlington last Friday was to meet ordinary residents in a diner on Lee Highway? Nope. Real reason was to help Zimmy get his Pike streetcar through bottlenecks like a U.S. Department of Transportation IG investigation of Zimmy's corrupt streetcar alternatives analysis and grant application process and facilitate approval by the Federal Transit Administration.

Meanwhile, in beautiful Quebec, the Canadian Feds have launched a major anti-corruption campaign against big engineering and construction corporations, including Zimmy's consultant cronies at AECOM.

This streetcar mess is getting to smell like a garbage truck in July.

Thanks for your blog.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Quebec Anti-Corruption Police Raided AECOM Offices on November 6th

Hey Yupette,

Check out this article from Canada's Financial Post national news blog ( published on November 6th.

"Anti Corruption police raid Genivar, other engineering firms in Quebec

MONTREAL - Police raided the Laval, Que. offices of U.S. Fortune 500 company Aecom and TSX-traded Genivar Inc. as allegations of kickbacks and corruption that have shaken the province seep into the capital markets.

The companies were among four targeted by investigators with Quebec's anti-corruption police squad Tuesday in Laval, a city bordering Montreal to the north. Local offices of privately held engineering firms Dessau and Cima+ were also searched."

The report was written by Financial Post reporter Nicholas Van Praet.

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