Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Civic Federation Forsees Arlington Becoming Urban and Expensive

Hey Yupette,

Arlington Civic Federation met last night. On the agenda were the election of new officers, economic development presentation by the Revenues and Expenditures Committee, report and vote on a resolution drafted by the Schools Committee, and report and vote on a resolution drafted by the Housing Committee.

Taken together, the three presentations point to an Arlington that will become both urban and a much more expensive place to live over the next 20 years, with open space gradually eliminated to cram as much public and private infrastructure into the County as possible.

According to the Revenue and Expenditure Committee's report, filling vacant office buildings will not be quick or easy, and Arlington is competing with DC and other jurisdictions for the same kinds of corporations.

According to a report by the Schools Committee, APS has significantly underestimated the number of new classrooms that will be required because of K-12 enrollment growth over the next decade.

County Government is likely to significantly increase the number of affordable housing units in the County by significantly increasing bonus density, rezoning single family residential neighborhoods, and building affordable housing on what are now parks.

Led by North Arlington's so-called 'Limo Liberal' Elite, Civic Federation delegates voted for no limit on building affordable housing in parks and for a large amount of affordable housing to be constructed across the County.

Only a few speculative comments were heard about what the quality of life will be in 25 years - 2040  But at least 2/3 of the Civic Federation delegates who attended last night's meeting are elderly and appear to not be interested in future consequences.

The draft resolutions and presentations can be viewed on the Civic Federation's Web site,

Susan, 22203

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

County Board Democrats, Candidates, Endorse Potomac Skycar

Hi Yupette,

I knew there had to be an expensive follow-on to the Pike streetcar because Arlington Democrats pursue expensive vanity infrastructure projects like Bill Clinton collects girlfriends. Thanks to Arlington's new Guru of Multi-Modal Gridlock, AED Director Victor Hoskins, both the County Board Democrats and  the Democratic candidates for County Board are all on-board the County's next big vanity infrastructure project, the Potomac Gondola from Geogetown to Rosslyn, aka the Potomac Skycar. Projected cost? Depends on who you talk with in County Government, anywhere from $25 million to $250 million. Meanwhile, as has been noted in previous postings to your blog, Rosslyn streetscapes are crumbling, but there are no plans to renovate and repair anything, only to build more expensive buildings. Too bad write-ins aren't allowed in Tuesday's Democratic Primary, or I would just write-in Audrey Clement and Mike McMenamin. Thanks for your blog.

Julie - 22205