Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Urbanist Infill + Outer Suburbs Sprawl = Win-Win For Libby Garvey's Corporate Cronies.

Hey Yupette,
I wondered why Libby Garvey's corporate cronies (e.g. media corporations) are so hostile to Audrey Clement that they're going around stealing Audrey's campaign signs.

But you have to put into the context of where Libby's corporate cronies are deriving their wealth -- both from Smart Growth mega infill in Arlington and mega sprawl in outer suburbs like Stafford County. No wonder the Sun Gazette won't endorse Audrey. She's an Environmentalist. Sun Gazette's staff are chamber of commerce boosters who are selling lots of ads in fast-growing sprawl outer suburbs. And ads for Smart Growth mega-infill here in Arlington. Same for developers. NVR is selling luxury townhouses in gentrified Westover and affordable townhouses in Stafford County, built by NVR's subsidiary, Ryan Homes.

Connected by -- I-95 / I-395 Express Lanes which Libby Garvey and the County Board secretly approved a year ago. Now Libby is sending e-mail to her angry Fairlington neighbors telling them not to worry, VDOT will fix any problems that may arise from 395 Express Lanes. Speaking of transportation to and from Stafford County, let's not forget Congressman Beyer's auto empire.

What have we become? Neverland-on-the-Potomac where the ruling elite govern under a system of social and economic apartheid -- drive from your $50,000 per year job to your affordable home in the outer outer suburbs, and pay $15 one-way for the convenience.

New Urbanism, Smart Growth, Urban Village, Affordable Housing, Car Free Diet. All charades. Libby Garvey and the rest of the County Board are really Chamber of Commerce Republicans who are benefiting from both infill destruction of our neighborhoods and sprawl destruction of agricultural land, forests, and wetlands. Talk about the Clinton Foundation, that's how the County Board operates.

No way do I want to see my quiet Westover neighborhood bulldozed and Clarendoned. No more charades from fast-talking politricksters like Libby Garvey.

Thanks for your blog.

Ted 22205

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Clement Requests Congressman Beyer: Act Immediately to Eliminate Helicopter Noise


Thank You, Audrey Clement, for proposing that Congressman Beyer immediately act to eliminate noise from the Vietnam-era helicopters that continuously fly over our Arlington neighborhoods, including my Fairlington neighborhood where Libby Garvey, and local Media VIPs Scott McCaffrey, and Scott Brodbeck live.

From Audrey's press release today:

"While campaigning around Arlington I've heard many complaints from residents about noisy helicopters. My opponent has been talking about trying to mitigate helicopter noise for years. But residents in her Fairlington neighborhood tell me helicopter noise is worse than ever.

Many of the helicopter flights are so-called VIP flights, transporting flag officers and senior-level Pentagon employees between the Pentagon and close-by military installations.

Turns out that many of the helicopters are Vietnam-era. The UH1N helicopters (photo attached) responsible for much of the noise in my opponent's Fairlington neighborhood were first deployed in 1970.

Therefore, I am asking Congressman Beyer to accelerate retirement of UH1N and other older helicoptere and work with NASA to make development of quiet helicopters a priority. Congressman Beyer sits on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee of the House of Representatives, which includes NASA. Congressman Beyer and his family have owned a Land Rover / Range Rover deslership for decades. Land Rover not only manufactures Range Rover SUVs but armored Range Rover SUVs (photo attached) used throughout the world for secure VIP transportation.

Consequently, when elected to County Board, I will work with Congressman Beyer to retire obsolete noisy helicopters and replace then with high-security SUVs. Given that VDOT will soon have a network of Express Lanes in Northern Virginia, it makes no sense for Arlington residents to suffer from noise and air pollution caused by VIP helicopter flights."