Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wa$h Po$t Going Away Gift to Alexandria: Mega-Development of the Waterfront

Hey, Yupette,

News from Alexandria is that mega-infill is going ahead on the waterfront and the Washington Post Corporation announced it sold Robinson Terminal to JBG and EYA, to be developed into a waterfront hotel, luxury housing, and other yupscale residential and commercial. Alexandria's First Developer, Mayor Euille, was elated of course. Who cares if there's already a Tysons-on-the-Potomac at National Harbor? Not Bill Euille and his corporate cronies.

A big going away gift from the Washington Post Corporation, which will shortly change it's name to -- what? --- and  get out of the newspaper business. Post Corporation that funds its money-losing newspaper with profits from its Kaplan "fleece the sheeple" educational subsidiary, re-elects Don Graham's pet incumbents based on endorsements written by summer interns, and never saw an African American who wasn't in some way dysfunctional. Can Jeff Bezos do worse as the Post media owner? Stay tuned.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Clement Pushes Virginia Green Party to Endorse Libertarian Sarvis

Hello Yupette,

FYI, the Green Party of Virginia endorsed Robert Sarvis during a state-wide meeting in Newport News last Saturday. Co-Chair Audrey Clement pushed the Green Party to endorse Libertarian candidate Sarvis, although Sarvis did not seek the Green Party's endorsement. Clement (who is the Green Party's candidate for Arlington County Board of Supervisors) put the Sarvis endorsement on the meeting agenda at the commencement of the meeting without informing the Virginia Green Party membership. Recently the Green Party of Virginia reluctantly began endorsing a few Independents who sought the Party's endorsement.

Obviously, I and other Greens are having nothing to do with the Virginia Green Party as long as the current regime controls the Party.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Arlington County Board Listens...But Only to Non-Residents

Hi Ms. Yupette:

Thanks for this blog. If you needed any proof that the County Board only listens to non-residents last Saturday's County Board meeting provided plenty. When the County Board wasn't deferring to non-resident county staff (starting with County Manager Barbara Donnellan) it was essentially rubber stamping whatever dumb growth 'planning' the out-of-state REITS concocted with their out-of-state law firms. Commentary by local media who, like the County Board, never met a neighborhood they didn't want in-filled.

Time to end the arrogance, starting with retiring Jay Fisette from the County Board in November. That would send a big signal to Barbara,Terry Holzheimer, Robert Brosnan, and Robert Duffy that their infill urbanization services are no longer needed. Maybe they could spend their retirements in-filling the parks in their own Fairfax County neighborhoods with lighted synthetic surface soccer fields.

Thumbs up to the residents of Arlington Ridge and Williamsburg for wanting to keep their residential neighborhoods residential.