Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who is Jeffrey P. Bezos and What Does He Want from the Washington Post?

Hey Yupette,

It's only a matter of a few months before the Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos. So what's Jeff Bezos like? Short answer, he's an Ivy League Yupster who's looking for a big life change - from tech to politics. Plus, working conditions in Amazon warehouses are dismal and Amazon workers are inundating the media with complaints that Amazon is the 'WalMart of the Web'. Jeff and Amazon need the kind of PR right now that only the ownership of a major national newspaper can provide. Jeff's also impressed by the social position and political contacts Don Graham's accumulated over the past couple decades he's run the Post. Watch for Jeff to shelve his esoteric projects in order to spend his time mixing with the movers and shakers.


Renny (Amazon Management 2009-2011)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Who is Richard L Connor and What Does He Want from the Sun Gazette?

Hey Yupette,

Thanks for this blog and for giving us an alternative to the same-old same-old propaganda from 2100 Clarendon Boulevard.

I did a Web search on the name "Richard L. Connor", who apparently controls the Sun Gazette and other local newspapers formerly owned by American Community Newspapers.

First thing that popped up was this: "Maine Today Media accuses former CEO of stealing $500,000".

Oh, Rich Connor was also sued by Wilkes-Barre Publishing for $250,000 that he allegedly misappropriated while running the Wilkes Barre Times-Leader.

So what does Rich want from the Sun Gazette?

Isn't it enough that Northern Virginia's premier Nanny Newsie (sorry Patch editors) Scott McCaffrey is on the executive committee of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce? How far are the plutocrats going to take the local media anyway? I'm surprised the weeklies and their blogs aren't running full page infomercials from  REITs that are looking to totally urbanize inside-the-beltway. Stay tuned.

Carole, 22205