Friday, July 2, 2010

Rolling Thunder Terrorists Are Back

Yupette, the f-ing Rolling Thunder terrorists are back this weekend. Doing a sequel to their Memorial Day psywar operation against local Patriots - active duty military, reserve military, and defense workers who Rolling Thunder and their facilitators, the Neo-Cons, Freepers, motorcycle gangs, KKK, etc., deem to be among the inhabitants of a "socialist republic". If you live on or near a major interstate or arterial, be aware that these a-holes are going to try to make this July 4th weekend into Daytona Bike Week.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please Help Chris Zimmerman

Hello Yupette,

Arlington County Board and WMATA Board member Chris Zimmerman needs help answering the following question:

What happens when 85,000 Metrorail commuters from Tysons and Dulles reach the East Falls Church Metro station at 8 AM weekdays?

Thanks in advance for helping Chris.

Tom - Leeway-Overlea

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

County Allows Gentrification Contractor Dumping at Pike Recycling Site

Hello Yupette,

Have you visited the recycling site on Columbia Pike at Four Mile Run on weekends recently? The County is allowing contractors who are working on gentrification projects to dump debris at the recycling site, including mixed with the recycled cans and bottles. Sunday I saw that some group that had a large picnic dumped about 20 large bags of food waste off at the site. Disgusting. This is in Chris Zimmerman's neighborhood and when I asked the County Manager's office what could be done they said "We're working on it".


Sunday, June 27, 2010

CIP Takes from Middle Class to Fund Pet In-fill Gentrification Projects

Hi Yupette,

Seen the County's new Capital Improvement Program? It's a blatant rip off of the middle class to fund the County Board's pet Gentrification projects. Like the mess Zimmerman wants to build at the EFC Metro Station that only a Yuptard could love.

Tom - Leeway-Overlea