Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcome Back to the New Arlington Way

Hello Yupette,

So the efforts of Arlington's Lexus Liberals to impose their mega zillion dollar pet projects on Arlington taxpayers only succeeded in getting taxpayers mad enough to elect a fiscal conservative to the County Board? What to do now? County Board's  Democratic majority figured it was time to revitalize The Arlington Way.

In the event you are new to Arlington and have not experienced the classic "Arlington Way" it works like this:  A special interest aligned with the Arlington Democratic Party secretly lobbies the County Board until the County Board pre-approves a program, project, whatever the special interest wants. County Staff are brought on board to facilitate. Various citizens committees, commissions,  boards, etc.,  formed from the usual Democratic Party stalwarts rubber stamp whatever is proposed, with cosmetic changes. A charade approval process is set in motion which culminates (often years later) with the County Board approving what the special interest wants with great fanfare.

So why am I not surprised that  "Pub Crawl Mary" Hynes proposed revisiting The Arlington Way and forming a citizens advisory committee to facilitate a revival. Why shouldn't they? The Arlington Way charade worked for years and made lots of Democrats (like Jay Fisette) rich. Why not again? Can you blame them?