Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bicycle Eating Potholes Invade Libby Garvey's Neighborhood

Hey, Yupette,

It's nice that County Board Chair Libby Garvey is so infatuated with bicycles, to he extent she wants County residents to bicycle 24/7/365. But she could at least show some concern for her bicycle buddy neighbors in South Fairlington. A few months ago my and Libby's neighborhood only had serious cracks in the pavement. Now we're being invaded by bicycle eating potholes. You would think that Libby could take some time off from fast-tracking the Rosslyn-Georgetown Gondola to at least survey which streets need immediate repaving, but I guess not.

Fairlington's First Hipster, Scott Brodbeck, is staking out a raccoon den off South 31st Street and Nanny Newsie Scott McCaffrey is out covering affordable housing galas. So they're no help.

Since Libby went head over handlebars after hitting a pothole on South Buchanan Street several years ago, we decided to warn her of potholes ahead in her neighborhood.

Libby's opponent, Audrey Clement, has been riding a bicycle for decades and Audrey HAS promised to make street repaving a priority when she's on the County Board.

Thanks for your blog.

Larry, S 36th St.