Saturday, December 4, 2010

Merry Christmas in December - from the County Board

Hey, Yupette.

County Board's agenda for the next meetings is on the Net. Plenty of gifts for everyone - $33.2 million for the schools (works out to $33,200 per student for the projected 1,000 student increase next year) $31 million for Arlington Mill, $18.2 million for 'transit development' and so on. When will it end? Probably when the bond rating agencies stop being facilitated by the County Manager and drop the County's bond rating to AA.

Kevin L.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Donnellan - Show Will Go On

Hi Yupette,

Surprise - there were no surprises from Barbara Donnellan's budget presentation tonight. The show will go on in Arlington County during FY 2012. County will experience a $25 million to $35 million budget shortfall. The school population will grow by 1,000 students next year; and the school population will increase from 21,500 today to more than 26,000 within a few years. County Board's priorities and spending will essentially remained unchanged, except there may be more funds in next year's budget for more pet projects. Assuming Congress doesn't defund everything having to do with civilian federal agencies. Thanks for the blog.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How Much Solar in the B-R Corridor Will $87.3 Million Buy?

Hi Yupette,

In the event you missed Dominion Virginia Power's press release VEPCO is ensuring the Ballston-Rosslyn corridor will have an adequate supply of electrical power by constructing a new $87.3 million 3.7 mile underground power line from high voltage towers near Four Mile run to a new substation near N. Courthouse Road and Route 50.

So, the Green questions of the day are: how much solar and other alternative energy (wind turbines) could Virginia Power have installed on-site (building roofs and exteriors) in the R-B corridor for the $87.3 million and how much power would that on-site alternative energy have generated?


County Board to Expand Solid Waste Recycling Regulations

Hello Yupete,

The Arlington County Board is going to significantly expand the scope of the County's solid waste recycling regulations to include many types of solid waste that are not recycled now. The new regulations will be posted on the County Board's Web site by 5 PM on December 3rd in preparation for the December 11th County Board meeting.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December 2nd Budget Forum - Q and A Will Not Be On the Agenda

Hi Yupette,

In the event you wondered about Thursday's Budget Forum with County Manager Barbara Donnellan, the meeting will consist of a presentation by the County Manager followed by break-out sessions with citizens sitting around a table with County Staff "facilitators". So bring a written statement if you have something to share with everyone who attends.

Kathy - 22204

Monday, November 29, 2010

Virginia, Maryland, D.C. Adults Seeking to "Sunset" Zimmerman, Graham, Other WMATA Board Members

Hello, Yupette,

The Adults in Virginia, Maryland, and DC politics have heard too many excuses from Jim Graham and Chris Zimmerman for Metro's poor performance. They are seeking to "sunset" both for having been on the WMATA Board too long with WMATA's performance and service quality gradually deteriorating. The recent escalator incidents were apparently the last straw. Other current WMATA members may follow Graham and Zimmerman into retirement. Thanks for your blog.

Richmond Pol

Sunday, November 28, 2010

School System's Focus is on Team Sports, Not Obesity Prevention

Hello, Yupette,

When is the Arlington School System going to get its act together regarding childhood and teenage obesity prevention? There is a lot of talk. The schools are supposedly serving healthier food. But the number of overweight and obese children appears to be increasing. Why all the emphasis on team sports and winning football, basketball, soccer, etc. championships? So much of our taxes goes to the school system, and we have mediocrity and more mediocrity to show for it.

I hope we will have a School Board candidate running against the incumbent next year who puts fitness over team sports.