Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Streetcar Design and Engineering Funding Goes to County Board

Hey, Yupette,

Streetcar design and engineering funding goes to the County Board for approval tonight. A $26 million waste of money. But first the County Board has to vote on consent agenda items - bicycles for all in Arlington 24/7/365 (still plenty of parking for non-residents who want to commute one-to-a-vehicle), and more video surveillance on everyone.

Given the experience of bicyclists in Tucson, where streetcar tracks are lethal weapons, you would think the County Board Majority would say no to streetcars and yes to ART bus service for all of Arlington neighborhoods instead. No way that will happen, since Jay Fisette, Mary Hynes, and Walter Tejada have long been infected by a virulent strain of the New Urbanism socioeconomic belief system...aka cult....aka religion which permanently and irrevocably alters the ability of adherents to think rationally.

Evening session of the County Board meeting starts at 6:30 in the County Board Room, 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Third Floor.

Pike Rider