Friday, May 27, 2016


Hello Yupette,

Thanks for supporting Arlington's middle class in your blog. The demolition of affordable older rental apartments off N. Kensington was the last straw. We are all going to be gentrified out of Westover by a bunch of Democratic Machine fat cats who are getting super rich by kicking anyone who doesn't earn at least $85,000 out of Westover and out of Arlington. All the current County Board and the various so-called "planning" bureaucrats do is make secret give-away deals with their corporate cronies. APAH, AHC and the so-called "housing non-profits" are a bunch of poverty pimps who are getting rich off poor people. Former County Board member Chris Zimmerman and his Smart Growth America gang want to totally urbanize Arlington and they're in an all-out effort to have Zimmerman's puppet, Erik Gutshall, elected to the County Board.

If you care about Westover's future, please attend the "Save Westover" meeting next Tuesday. And vote for our neighbor, Westover resident Audrey Clement, for County Board on November 8th.

Thanks again for this blog.

Larry, N. 10th Street

Sunday, May 22, 2016

AED Morphs 'Car Free Diet' Into 'More Cars for Millennials'

Hi Yupette,

I live in Ballston and I have to agree who the people who posted comments about Arlington's so-called "Car Free Diet". In fact, Arlington's been on a "More Cars for Millennials" pig-out for the past two years, since Victor Hoskins (aka Victor Ho$kin$) was hired as Arlington's Economic Development Director.

You can see the changes Victor made to the once-downscale used car lot on Glebe Road, directly across from AED's luxury office suite. No more 5 year old Nissan Sentras. Millennials want upscale vehicles for the underground garages below their newly-constructed in-fill upscale apartments and condos to impress other Millennials. Plus, County needs the sales tax, car tax, and other taxes on nearly-new luxury vehicles for it's $40 million swimming pool, $20 million gondola across the Potomac, the $200 million convention center, and to educate 1,200 more Gen Z brats every school year.

If you didn't believe "Car Free Diet" had been sent to the slogan junkyard before the last County Board meeting, consider the County Board just approved reconstruction of the Berkeley Apartments with 241 parking spaces for 257 apartments across from a big shopping plaza on South Glebe Road and better access at Stratford School for parents to drop off and pick up their kids.

AED is jamming our streets with vehicles from so-called 'Smart Growth' in-fill redevelopment and telling us to ride bicycles. Smart Growth decision makers (almost everyone in the County who gets to make a decision) finally had to stop telling us to take Metro everywhere all the time. Duh.

BTW, Victor lives in Georgetown and, like almost everyone else who works for AED, doesn't get to suffer the consequences of whatever he and they inflict on us.

Thanks for your blog.

Charles, 22201