Saturday, January 22, 2011

Zimmerman Kicks off Massive Pike 'Resegregation Through Gentrification' Campaign

Hey, Yupette,

After awarding another pet developer with mega millions in bonus density for yuppifying Ashton Heights, Chris Zimmerman proceeded to the Arlington County Trades Center to supervise the real business of the day - the meeting of the Plenary Committee charged with the total (and I mean TOTAL) gentrification through re-segregation of the Pike. Who are the members of the Zimmerman-appointed Plenary Committee? His typical Democratic ward heelers, most of whom live nowhere near the Pike. Zimmy also brought in the usual out of state developers and planners and County Staff who don't live in the County helped coordinate the event. As for the Latinos who live on the Pike, they were not invited.

Yupette, what is really scary is that Chris Zimmerman has become such a megalomaniacal nut case about driving the Latinos out of Arlington that he even wants to force the families who've owned rental real estate along to Pike for decades to sell out for redevelopment. And he's had Arlington Economic Development figuring out how he can force them to do that.

What's Zimmy after? Turning the Pike into a yupscale canyon of ugly postmodernist buildings, populated by yupscale renters and condo owners with trendy retail and 300 vehicle parking garages beneath the buildings. And a $200 million trolley system blocking rush hour traffic on the Pike. Duh.


Not Upscale? Don't Apply to Serve on an Advisory Commission

Hello Yupette,

I noticed while walking past the glass paneled meeting rooms at the County office building that everyone who attends the advisory commission meetings seems to be upscale and white (once in awhile there's an African American or Latino in a meeting). Well it's true. If you aren't upscale you are not going to be selected to serve on an advisory commission - especially the planning, transportation, and housing commissions. One of the County Staff who coordinates the meetings told me that if you don't have a position that pays at least $100,000 a year and don't support the status quo you should not think of even applying to serve on an advisory commission.

Karen S. 22201

Friday, January 21, 2011

County Board Heavily Influenced by Bushpublican Chamber of Commerce

Hi Yupette,

As long as you're enlightening us about Scott McCaffrey's major conflict of interest with the Arlington Chamber, how about the County Board's own dealings with the Bushpublicans who run the Arlington Chamber? Except for Chris Zimmerman, the County Board was "comped" by the Chamber for attending multiple Chamber events last year.

The Arlington Chamber is way to the right of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The U.S. Chamber endorses on-site renewable energy while the Arlington Chamber opposes that. So why am I not surprised that the County Board isn't pushing to have solar water heating panels installed on all County buildings, something that would pay for itself within 6 years? Anyone else wonder how "Democratic" the Arlington Democrats who make all the political decisions in this county really are?


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fisette's Neighbors Object to Founders Square Deal with County Board Pet Developer

Hello Yupette,

I live in Ashton Heights and we are already concerned about the amount of traffic to be generated by Founders Square redevelopment. Now the County Board wants to grant even more bonus density to its pet developer in return for $6.5 million in improvements to Mosaic Park. This is another transfer of development rights charade whereby the County Board rewards a pet developer with big bonus density derived from keeping public parkland public parkland with "improvements" (lighted playing fields). Of course the primary users of the improved Mosaic Park will be the residents of the Founders Square redevelopment. Even Jay Fisette's friends and neighbors in the Ashton Hts. Civic Association are concerned about our historic neighborhood being overwhelmed by traffic. This will be agenda item #25 on Saturdays' County Board meeting agenda.

G.L. - Ashton Hts

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Greens Will Ask for a Total Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags

Hey, Yupette,

Just heard that the Arlington Greens will ask for a total ban on single use plastic (supermarket) bags at Saturday's County Board meeting. They think that the County Board has the authority to ban single use plastic under the authority grated to the County Board by the Commonwealth's solid waste disposal statutes.



2011 Statements of Economic Interest are Available

Hi Yupette,

Annual Statements of Economic Interest, Disclosure of Real Estate Holdings, and Financial Disclosure Statements for 2011 are now available for Virginia's elected and appointed officials. For information about disclosure statements that were required to be filed by Arlington's elected and appointed officials (like planning commission members) by January 15th, call the County Manager's Office (703-228-3110). You have to file a freedom of information act request to see them.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Achtung, Ost Wasserfall Kirch Behohemer !!!

(English Translation)

Attention East Falls Church Residents,

On Tuesday, January 18, 2011, the Arlington County Board of Reitsministers will commence an attack on Communist Elements and Partisans who oppose the redevelopment of the Ost Wasserfall Kirch (East Falls Church) area. The attack will be ccordinated by SS Obergroup Commandant Nancy Von Hunt, Commander of the successful battle against the Shirlington Communist and Partisan resistance against REIT FRIT.

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE !!! You must conform to the orders of the lawfully constituted REIT that will control your Ost Wasserfall Kirch community. Resistors will be apprehended by the Arlington SS Polezi and treated in the same manner the SS Polizei treats homeless persons.

By order of:

Kristof Von Zimmerman
Reitsfuhrer and Reitsminister of Transportation

Favola, Donellan, Walsh,Colucci Twisting Community Leaders Arms Over Marymount-O'Connell Deal

Hi Yupette,

FYI, Marymount's Chief Lobbyist Barbara Favola (who reportedly lives in Lyon Village) and non-County resident County Manager Barbara Donnellan are busy twisting arms of EFC and Williamsburg "Community Leaders" to get them to agree to a deal whereby they allow our residential neighborhood to be destroyed by traffic and noise from the proposed Marymount-O'Connell Sports Complex. This is similar to what they did to the neighborhoods around Crystal City last year to get the "Community Leaders" to sign on to the REITs' redevelopment of Crystal City. The activity is being facilitated by the Walsh,Colucci law firm, whose managing partners, Martin and Nan Walsh, live in McLean, and were responsible for the ongoing Federal Realty-Shirlington traffic and parking fiasco. It appears that this item will be deferred until March (it's up for discussion at Saturday's County Board meeting).

It's obvious to me that the Arlington County Board could care less about the right of EFC and Williamsburg residents to have peace an quiet in their homes and neighborhoods, and is only interested in another deal for another special interest group. Of course, as usual, they will not suffer the consequences of their actions. Barbara Favola spent millions of dollars of scarce tax dollars moving DHS headquarters out of her neighborhood so she would not have poor people in her neighborhood.

Mike - East Falls Church