Friday, October 31, 2014

Audrey Clement for Arlington School Board

A.Y. endorses Audrey Clement for School Board.

The choice could not be more clear. Barbara Kanninen makes a living from massaging 'problem data'  to make corporations, non-profits and government agencies look as good as possible. Audrey Clement makes her living turning raw data into useful information for federal agencies like the Census Bureau.

Barbara Kanninen is a product of a 30-year Arlington Democratic Party Machine, and her campaign is based largely on Democratic Party politics. Her priorities are inflicting more of the same New Urbanist ideology on us, only the APS version. That is, 'More Seats for Students' aka 'More Parking for Parents' Every school a Country Day School, latest will be Abingdon. Huge amounts of the APS budget spent on activities that have nothing to do with education. Don't believe it? Ask yourself -- how many millions did APS spend on Halloween celebrations this year?

Audrey Clement is running as an Independent and has shown that Arlington can save a lot of money for taxpayers while providing the same or better education for students. Her proposal that APS retrofit older schools with solar thermal and photovoltaic is reason enough to vote for her rather than continue unlimited spending for extravagant boutique schools, where providing increased parking for parents is a significant item in APS's capital improvement program.