Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A-Town's Live Entertainment Permit Renewal Another Gimme?

Hey Yupette,

I live in the neighborhood of A-Town in the B-R Corridor and it appears that A-Town's live entertainment permit that's going to the County Board on Saturday (Consent Agenda Item #4) is another gimme. The antics at A-Town since last September are worse than during the previous 6 months, with a couple of Millennials who were ejected from A-Town last Sunday fighting each other and then the police who were called to break up the fight. And we're barely into the St. Patrick's Day and March Madness mayhem.

So I am sending this to Arlington Yupette because the neighborhood (which does not nescesarily include the civic association - a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic "Party's Over Here" Party) has had enough of A-Town and wants A-Town to move away - far away - from Ballston.

Members of the Public are allowed to remove Consent Agenda Item #4 on Saturday for discussion by the County Board next Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM . To do that you have to attend Saturday's County Board meeting at 8:30 AM and submit a slip to the County Board Clerk. Or you can write to the County Board at: asking that one or more County Board members remove the item for discussion on Tuesday.

I think if this goes on with A-Town we are going to have innocent bystanders in this neighborhood hurt. Too many handguns out there being legally or illegally carried concealed. Anyway, thanks for bringing these issues up in your blog.

Mark from Utah Street