Friday, August 16, 2013

Pay-to-Play with Rob and Jay - August 17th

Hi Yupette,

Just a reminder that the next pay-to-play event for Arlington's movers and shakers will be Rob Rosen's and Jay Fisette's barbecue at their Ashton Heights estate on August 17th from 4-7.

If you missed the U.S.S. Arlington commissioning here's a great opportunity to meet the people who make things happen in Arlington.

Tickets are $100, to benefit the campaigns of LGBT-friendly candidates.

Ted, N. Irving Street

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Police Expand Dragnet, Sweep Up Non-Residents While Homies Chill

Hey Ms. Yupette,

If you are a tourist or somebody from out of town and like to drive your SUV while texting this week is not a good time to visit Arlington. The policia are sweeping up tourists and non-residents who drive recklessly and act 'suspiciously'. Especially along Wilson Blvd. near the county border with Fairfax County.

Meanwhile the homies in the 'hoods are chillin'. So if you are out at night and drivin' around lookin' for a club or a end of summer party don't say we didn't tell you to drive with both hands on the wheel.



Monday, August 12, 2013

Crank Crewe Eludes Police Dragnet in Tejada's Neighborhood

Hey Yupette,

Another summer night, another armed robbery in County Board Chair J. Walter 'Nada' Tejada's Dominion Hills neighborhood.

Happened again last night. Gangstas eluded a dragnet by Arlington and Fairfax County Police using dogs and a helicopter.

Based on what neighborhood homies are saying and gang graffitti, the gangstas may belong to the 18th Street Gang, a large sophisticated street gang that started in LA and has spread across the United States over the past several years.

So be careful if you are out and about Dominion Hills after dark.