Friday, December 17, 2010

Arlington is Metropolis...Chris Zimmerman is Joh Frederson

Hello, Yupette,

After watching the restored version of Fritz Lang's film 'Metropolis' last month on Turner Classic Movies, I am convinced that Arlington has become Metropolis and Chris Zimmerman is a modern Joh Fredersen.

From Wikipedia:

'The film is set in the massive sprawling mega-city Metropolis, where society is divided into two classes, one of planners who live high above the Earth in luxurious skyscrapers, and one of workers, who live and toil underground. The city was founded, built, and is run by the autocratic Joh Fredersen.'

Thank you for your efforts to make Arlington a place where all can live.


Mary 'Party Train's Over Here' Hynes to Help Conduct Metro Board

Hey Yupette,

Chris Zimmerman finally had it with WMATA. He's leaving to focus on making Arlington Metropolis on the Potomac, beginning with the EFC Tysons III mega-development and the $300 million Crystal City and Columbia Pike trolleys. Every month another unpleasant surprise from WMATA. And Zimmerman responded every time by 'putting lipstick on a pig'....more cosmetics like station improvements. He never responded to basic capacity needs, Metrorail is a 2-track system, but voted to construct hundreds of new buildings in the Metrorail corridors. After years of ignoring capacity issues he recently began to be concerned.

Will Mary Hynes be any better on the WMATA Board? Yes. If she focuses on getting the partiers to the party.

Metrorail Rider

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Winter, Same Old Snow Facilitation

Hello, Yupette,

I foolishly drove to work today believing the forecast that Arlington would receive an inch or so of snow. So how does Arlington handle a 'surprise' snowstorm of 3-4 inches? Just s Arlington did last year, salt one lane and hope it stops snowing. If you live deep inside a residential neighborhood you are on your own once you are off the main street or road. Are we lucky we have gas guzzling SUVs? We are even more fortunate to have Barbara Donnellan back as County Manager, facilitating snowstorms.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

EFC Long Range 'Planning" Meeting Tonight at Westover Library

Hello, Yupette,

The Planning Commission's Long Range Planning Committee is holding a 'planning' meeting tonight at the Westover Library, beginning at 7 PM. Library is located at the intersection of McKinley Street and Washington Boulevard. Appears residents will have an opportunity to make comments and ask questions.

However, after seeing that the County Board ignored the Bluemont civic association and the concerns of the Ballston non-profits last Saturday regarding and Ballston BID (and Ballston is not that far from Westover) it appears this will be another pro forma meeting and the only opinions that count are the County Board's and the developers'.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

County Board Poised to Approve Zimmerman's $257 Million Transit Plan

Hi Yupette,

County Board is set to approve Zimmerman's $257 million transit plan for the next 6 fiscal years, including $138 million for the Pike trolley and $69 million for the Crystal City trolley. Rest will go to WMATA, to ART, and to the County Board's pet transportation projects. This was item 30 on Saturday's Consent Agenda, which someone pulled or it would have not been discussed by the County Board. This item will be discussed by the County Board and whichever citizens show up tonight at 6:30 in the County Board Room.


Monday, December 13, 2010

County Board's Treatment of Taxi Industry - Lose, Lose, Lose

Hello, Ms. Yupette:

I own a small business here in Arlington. I am very concerned about the treatment of Arlington's taxi industry by the County Board at Saturday's meeting. The County Board and County Government do absolutely nothing for the taxi industry but regulate it to death and impose more fees, takes, and requirements on everyone in the industry, ranging from drivers to taxi company owners. It's obvious that the County Board wants us to only use Metrorail, Metrobuses, and bicycles. Oh, and drive everywhere one-to-a-vehicle.

The manner in which the County Board denied taxi certificates to two 'green' companies was an affront to Arlington small business. The taxi drivers who attended the County Board meeting should have focused their anger on the do-nothing County Board, not the green taxi companies.