Saturday, January 18, 2014

County Board's 2013 Financial Disclosure - CB Increasingly Controlled by NGO Elites


We asked a volunteer to peruse the County Board's financial disclosure forms, which Virginia public officials must file by January 15th and which are stored in the County Board Offices at 2100 Clarendon Blvd.

Like former-Governor McDonnell, Arlington County Board members have no hesitation in accepting travel and entertainment gifts. Arlington County Board members (with the exception of Chris Zimmerman who was comped by the Smart Growth lobby last year) are increasingly accepting tickets to upscale events hosted by non-government organizations, like the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, where they are heavily lobbied by people whose corporations, law firms, non-profits, and so on regularly come before the County Board. If you want to see who they are you can visit the Arlington Chamber of Commerce's Web site and take a look at who's on the Chamber's Board of Directors. NGO non-profits that depend on the County Board for funding are also County Board favorites.

Speaking of the Chamber, the Arlington Chamber's Vice-Chairman for Economic Development and Governmental Affairs is none other than Arlington Sun Gazette Editor Scott McCaffrey. In the event you wondered why this blog, candidates for political office, and others who don't go along with the Arlington Chamber of Commerce's program are routinely disparaged by McCaffrey.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

County Board Democrats Impose New Rules on Advisory Commissions

Hey, Yupette,

Four County Board Democrats (Fisette, Hynes, Tejada, and Zimmerman) and the Arlington County Democratic Committee are concerned that, Jim Moran and Chris Zimmerman having announced their retirements, it's increasingly likely that one or more reformers will be elected to replace Chris and Jim. So, Jay, Mary, Walter, and Chris are visiting Arlington's Government's advisory committees and telling the members that all communications about anything have to go directly to the County Board through the County Staff Liaison, who sits at advisory committee meetings to report what transpired to the County Board Office and 'provide guidance' from Jay, Walter, Mary, Chris, and the Arlington County Democratic Committee.

Looks to me like a Regime that's long overdue for being booted out of office and investigated by the Feds. Thanks for the A.Y. blog.

2100 too

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Marymount-Ballston Redevelopment: No Affordable Housing for Poor Baby Humans, $1.15 Million for Baby Beavers

Hey Yupette,

I attended last night's Planning Commission meeting. Heard Jay Fisette tell the Commissioners he wants more of the same from them.

Stayed around to see what the redevelopment of the so-called "Blue Goose" building (corner of Fairfax Drive and Glebe Road) owned by Marymount University (a Catholic institution of higher learning) is going to look like.

According to the site plan this is going to be a massive office, educational and residential redevelopment with 835 parking spaces. Only 11 of the 267 apartments will be "affordable" at the usual 60% of area median income. So the working class people who clean the classrooms and office space will have to live elsewhere.

Marymount, as the owner of the present building and owner of the redeveloped site, will apparently pay no real estate taxes on any of the redeveloped site. Among the 'community benefits' offered by Marymount is a contribution of $1,150,000 to protect the beaver habitat near the site.

How did we get to the point that with all the fuss being made about affordable housing in Arlington a huge amount is being spent by Pro-Life Catholics to save the baby beavers? Sheesh.

Peter, 22201

Monday, January 13, 2014

Crystal City Corporations Would Be Primary Beneficiaries of Aquatic Center

Hey Yupette,

I have to wonder why the local media haven't reported what everyone at 2100 Clarendon Blvd. already knows - corporations located in Crystal City would be the primary beneficiaries of the Jay Fisette Aquatics Center in Longbridge Park.

In fact, the Aquatics Center has been marketed to Crystal City mega corporations like Boeing and Vornado as a low-cost employee fringe benefit and a corporate activity center. Heavily subsidized by Arlington taxpayers, of course. In the event you wondered why Boeing, Vornado, and other corporate high rollers aren't pledging millions to build and operate the Aquatics Center. It's like everything else in Arlington, the Artisphere, Pike streetcar, live theater organizations, massive spending on athletic facilities, and so on.  Arlington taxpayers pay and pet special interests play.