Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Massive Investigation of Zimmerman's Pay-to-Play Smart Growth Cronies in Montreal Continues

Hi Yupette,

Latest from Montreal is that the massive pay-to-play investigation of the "Smart Growth" construction and development industry is leading to the actual and imminent arrests of hundreds of local officials in Montreal and its suburbs, including Chris Zimmerman's consulting clients and Smart Growth cronies.

Latest arrest is of the Acting Mayor of Montreal, Michael Applebaum, a Smart Growth real estate developer. It appears the corruption is so pervasive in the Greater Montreal Smart Growth real estate and development sectors that concerned citizens are asking the Province of Quebec to take over Montreal's city council.


Larry from Ontario

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fisette's 'Community Energy Plan' = More Pollution + More Energy Use / Waste

Hey Yupette,

Another County Board meeting. Another major charade approved by the County Board. Yesterday it was Gentrification J. Fisette's so-called 'Community Energy Plan'.

What a turkey. The County's energy use is skyrocketing. County keeps adding more parking for more vehicles. More workers drive in and out of Arlington because they can't afford to live here. More massive in-fill replacing small buildings that could have been upgraded to consume little energy if the County Board weren't allowing them to deteriorate so they could be replaced by massive in-fill. More 'energy efficient' McMansions replacing small homes. A so-called 'district energy plan' that's analogous to replacing diesel locomotives with steam locomotives on the Norfolk Southern. Approved by Washington Gas. Demand for more electricity will be supplied by massive new coal-fired power plants in southwest Virginia. Solar panels? What are they? Approval rubber stamped by the County Board's colleagues at the Arlington Democratic Committee who serve on the advisory commissions and/or serve as ACDC's de facto ward heelers.

Ted 22204