Saturday, May 6, 2017

Write-In Audrey Clement When You Vote at the Democratic Caucus

Hello, Yupette

Do you plan to vote at the Democratic Caucus next week?

If so, you should first consider that the Democratic Caucus will not be run like County Government runs a Primary election under State election laws. The Democratic Caucus will be run under the Arlington County Democratic Committee's rules. So candidates are free to do anything they can get away with to win. Meaning surrogate voting, persons who are no longer legally Arlington residents voting, and campaigns gaming instant runoff voting. So, it's going to be a charade "selection" to begin with.

Second, when you look at what all four of the Democratic candidates say they intend to do if elected to County Board it's clear what they intend to do is put Smart Growth on steroids. That is, massively in-fill the County with more upscale people, vehicles, events, and activities in both residential and commercial neighborhoods. They will, in effect, do to our suburban lifestyle what Donald Trump is doing to Obamacare.

What to do? If you don't want your neighborhood to be "Clarendoned" attend the charade caucus, sign the charade pledge, write-in "Audrey Clement for County Board" (don't let the ACDC ward heelers see you) and leave.

If you want to vote for a School Board candidate you could just write-in "Same Old Same Old".

We don't need any more Smart Growth destroying our quality of life. We need Intelligent Growth.

I'm for Audrey but I don't have anything to do with her campaign.

Fed Up Dem